What to wear Part 3 - The Studio/Hi Key

Hi Key Photography - The bright white Background!

MAIN RULE - Firstly unless you want all your photos from the session to be very arty farty please DO NOT Wear White. As you can see from the above image - a little white is fine.
I know I am always harping on about BODEN type clothes - But they are fab for kids especially, Bright, bold and funky. Even though the patterns can be big & bold for some reason they work well on kids!
Layers and textures work well to add interest, as do accessories.

Try to avoid big old logos and clothes with characters on them ( pet hate ! but saying that i do love 'hello kitty'!) )  as this can detract from your gorgeous children and also date the photo!

Often I have had clients buy things especially for the shoot ( keep the tags on)  and then return them to the shop after the shoot. ( But I didn't tell you that!)

Jeans, bare feet and a bright polo shirt or checked shirt are great for boys

Tutu's ( i have some) with vest tops or T- shirts! Party dresses or everyday clothes - Anything goes as long as you little person feels comfortable and smiley!

If you have 2/3/4 children in a photo try and pick a theme or colour - not too matchy matchy but a common theme is good!


Bring along an outfit changes to add variety to the shots, favourite toy, teddy, hats, wellies, skateboard, musical instrument, dressing up clothes, fairy wings etc  - anything goes !

Fav book & toys, snacks and drinks for wee ones to keep 'em happy!

and as before these rules still also apply 

{1} Avoid LOUD patterns,  HUGE logo's, characters ( eg Thomas the tank engine etc! OOH pet hate! sorry)These can date the photo and also detract from the main subject...YOU! 
If you must wear your fav pattern top then keep it simple with some jeans or something similar.
{2} Colours certainly don't have to be matchy matchy just look good together, a purposeful clash is always a funky choice.
{3} In group & family sessions - stick to one style.  Formal, Casual or Contemporary and dress for the same season! 
{4} Layers and textures are my all time fav. These can add depth and interest to your picture.
{5} Add accessories, scarves, necklaces, hats -especially in lifestyle photos. They can add a subtle interest.
{6} Denim, denim denim ....classic and timeless!!!
(unless you wear a double denim or what I like to call it a denim suit! ( lol not a good look).
If in doubt wear your fav jeans or denim skirt, teamed with a nice top and accessories is defo a winning combo! 
{7} Don't try to push your kids into something they hate ,...it will show through in your photos!
{8} Above all wear clothes that you feel comfortable in,  you look good in, clothes that make you feel fab and confident!

{9} Now is NOT the time to try out a new hair do or new make up! keep your hair and makeup as you would normally have it - so you look like you ! 

{10} keep nails, hands and feet clean - u never know they may make an appearance in the photos ! especially in the warmer summer months. 

{11} For younger children, remember to get naps and snacks in before the shoot to ensure a happy child!  I am great with kids but even I can be a moody mare when I am hungry or tired!

If you are still unsure, call me or even email me a photo of what you want to wear! 
Most important rule ....RELAX & ENJOY!