The 'must haves' of Newborn Photography ~ Newborn photographer Surrey

Guidelines for parents ~ A NEWBORN SESSION should at all times be a safe environment for your precious baby. 2015-03-11_0002

A newborn photo session is a totally different shoot from a family photo session.  Your newborn needs a lot more care and attention. I only plan one newborn session per day in order to have the time available to make the shoot feel relaxed, let feed baby when necessary and allow the baby to settle at his or her own pace.  I can come to your house with my beanbag and blankets,  I  will find the room in your house that has the most natural light or you can just turn up at my home studio in Walton on Thames, Surrey, sit back with  cuppa and watch!mailchimplogoce3f48As a member of  BANPAS {Baby and Newborn Photography Association} I am an advocate for the safe working practices of Newborn photography.

The BANPAS is an Association whose members are amongst the UK's leading baby and newborn photographers.  The Association promotes safe working practices and we are dedicated to ensuring your baby's comfort and safety takes priority whilst their members create beautiful images for you to treasure.


 1. Be safe:

The first and most important tip is to NEVER put a baby at risk of getting hurt just to get 'the shot!'.   Always have a 'spotter' ( assistant or parent ) close to the baby whilst the photos are being taken.  The newborn should NEVER  be forced into a pose.


2. Timing ~ younger the better

I feel the best time to photograph a newborn is before they are 10 days old.  This is the time when they are the most sleepy and enjoy sound sleep and curl up easily into poses.  Although saying that, it is not always possible to arrange a session this early on for a number of reasons ~ C section, difficult birth, difficulty feeding and establishing a routine. Older babies can also be successful in sleepy baby poses to, just may take a bit longer  But as in life there are no guarantees!   I find mornings work better for newborn sessions and if babies can be kept awake before the shoot all the better.


3. Full Tummy

I find it works better if parents can feed baby when they get to the studio ( once having stripped baby off, left just in a nappy and kept warm with a blanket. This way the baby will fall asleep whilst being fed ( hopefully) and won't risk waking up after to strip for the shoot.  I can stop the shoot anytime the baby may need a top up feed to get back to sleep. Babies with a full belly will sleep much more soundly.


4. Warm the studio and Keep the baby warm

Newborns have a difficult time regulating their own body temperature.  It is important to keep them warm and comfortable whilst they are naked.  The studio is kept at a sultry 29C. I also make sure the heater fan is kept far away from the baby, just near enough to warm the area and blankets.


 5. White noise

Newborn babies, contrary to what you think , are used to the loud noises of the womb.  Newborns will sleep much more soundly if there is white noise in the room. During a newborn session I have use a white noise app on my iphone to help soothe the babies.  I also play music in the background. I find it relaxes everyone in the studio.


Here are a few lovely comments from past clients ~ Love love LOVE the photographs! Thank you so much - you did a fabulous job

Hi Jo just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience you made me feel totally at ease even though I HATE having my picture taken and you got some great shots that will make our familys xmas you were amazing with Danny you have changed my approach to having photos taken you will definitly be seeing us again. Thanks again.

They are brilliant, it actually made me cry when I first saw them!! I need to sit down and work out what we’d like over the weekend.

Thank you so much Jo, you caught so much in the session, the images make out we were there for ages with all the outfit changes. Your studio is amazing and bright and you are lovely! You caught so many precious moments, we are finding it hard to choose the images we want. Look forward to the day when we look through them together when she is older.

So if you would like to book a newborn photo shoot with me, please drop me a line, even if you are still pregnant and not yet had the baby lets get your shot booked in! Prices from £95.00. Look forward to hearing from you  xxx