New baby sister for H ~ Newborn/sibling/family photography ~ Walton on Thames, Surrey

Yet another family back for more! I loves it ! Master H graced the studio when he was just  5 months old  see here  and this time he has returned along with mum and dad again to introduce the latest addition to his family ~ his gorgeous baby sister - Miss R.   Now Miss R gets the gold medal this month for being the most chilled out baby and H was such a good little boy and even entertained me with some twerking towards the end of the shoot!  Newborn/Sibling/Family shoots from £95 2014-11-11_00362014-11-11_00372014-11-11_00382014-11-11_00392014-11-11_00402014-11-11_00412014-11-11_00422014-11-11_00432014-11-11_00442014-11-11_00452014-11-11_00462014-11-11_00472014-11-11_00482014-11-11_00492014-11-11_00502014-11-11_00512014-11-11_00522014-11-11_00532014-11-11_00542014-11-11_00552014-11-11_00562014-11-11_00572014-11-11_0058