Cake Smash Sessions coming soon .............

It's Big bizz over the pond..........Cake Smash sessions are all the rage in the states!  Any parent who's planned a festive first birthday party only to have the guest of honor sleep through the proceedings or seem a little lost and forlorn will love the idea of a smash cake celebration. 
It's a sweet, tactile and completely photogenic way to include your child in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down and dirty with his birthday cake -- literally. 
This table-manners 'out the window' approach results in a face full of icing and cake crumbs, cake covered fingers and cake on the floor. It also inspires grins all around and makes for a fab fun photo shoot and lasting memories of this amazing milestone!

 An example of a Cake Smash Session by erin lefebvre photography
(as I have yet to actually do one myself!)

 But have one booked watch this space!

 Jo XX

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