A very special little girl ~Family photography Surrey ~

Evening Y'all
I am on a bit of a roll tonight ! Trying to get all my sessions edited and uploaded before I have a nice long weekend off for Easter! This little bunny is mine and we celebrated her 6th Birthday at the weekend.  One family party and one school friend party ~ a tradition that I am keen to stop!!! ARGH! 

My big girl got a beautiful old school desk from us for her bedroom - we have shoe horned it in to the box room { from Auntie LouLou's shop } The Original Homestore  . Other top gifts were some lovely pastels from Auntie Boosie ~ she loves her art & crafty things! Nana came up trumps with a pair of pink roller skates ~ haven't quite mastered those yet! lol

A Lovely time was had by all 
Happy 6th Birthday Ruby!