A Tale of Two weekends ~ FAMILY photographer, Hersham

This shoot just proves that with a little perseverance  anything is possible!. Big Bro wasn't feeling his best on our shoot to the park a few weeks ago.  I tried all my tried and tested tricks and powers of persuasion.  But sometimes you just gotta hold ya hands up high and give in.   We rescheduled the shoot for last week - which I was more than happy to do. Big bro was feeling more himself and in the comfort of his own home , with all his favourite toys around him, he have quite a performance as did little Bro who just smiled continuously on both shoots! 2015-02-14_00162015-02-14_00172015-02-14_00182015-02-14_00202015-02-14_00212015-02-14_00222015-02-14_00232015-02-14_00242015-02-14_00252015-02-14_00262015-02-14_00272015-02-14_00282015-02-14_00292015-02-14_00302015-02-14_0031