A storyboard is not just a photo! .....{family} minishoot| Walton on Thames

Storyboard templates are such a great way to show off your family photographs, in a sequence next to each other or as a 4 or 9 photo square, the possibilities are endless. You may have a bunch of photos you want to display but only one space left on your wall ( I know I have that problem sometimes!) Combine them into one storyboard photo !

Why just hang a picture, when you can tell a story?

Storyboard™ is a whole new way to look at photography, art – and life.

The idea is simple: while a single photo may tell part of a story, a Storyboard expands the experience to paint the bigger picture. With a unique 9-photo perspective, Storyboards reveal subtle layers of any aspect of your life. From the simple to the profound.

An idea. A favorite activity. A prized possession. A passion. A love. A family member. The stories are all there, waiting to be told – artistically, narratively, memorably.

Can a single picture really do all that?

For more details leave us a message at 203-972-7400 or email us at info@storyboardphoto.com.

The " A " Family from Saturday's minishoot, all perfectly photogenic and the children were great in front of the camera.  Made my job easy peasy! 

Minishoot £59 | 30 min studio shoot | 15 images on a CD | www.jodouetimages.com