A journey ..........I now see where I am going! ( it takes me a while!)

Hi Y'all

I know!!  2 posts in one day .....need to back in the swing of it! I should be ironing though.

I have been taking photos as part of Jodouetimages for about 4 years,  But I only really count the last 13 months as 'proper' business - Sole income thru photography! 

What with building website again ( well actually Elisa Everitt did!) , creating and writing my blog, facebooking, Tweeting, Networking, Advertising, Promoting myself at school fairs to actually doing the shoots, hours of Editing, Accounts, Ordering & Emailing clients.  I find it hard to focus on where my path is taking me. 

I make copious lists, more lists, lists for lists, lists to remind me to write things on my lists ...endless lists

There are MANY inspirational photographers that i follow on Facebook & Twitter, they GIVE so much back - Tonnes of advice & tutorials, tips for backlighting, using different settings on camera, photoshop, dealing with clients, posing families and so much more and all for free, it's quite incredible. I always wonder if ( WHEN!) I get to that stage will I be as generous as them? (considering the amount of time and effort it has taken me to get this far!) 

I made a list of the things I still wanted to know, personal to me, stuff I wanted to find out to help me move on to the next stage. Some of the things on my list were purchases. Yep I made a large, expensive purchase of a new lens ( gulp) realised that I have wasted a huge amount of money on equipment that wasn't really needed, But I like to think that I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't been there and done that!

The rest of my list were techniques ( I have learnt soooo very much in the past year it was a tad jumbled and I needed help to unscrabble it)  and image critique ( oooh scary mary!) so I contacted a local photographer, www.vickiknights.co.uk that I follow on Facebook   and in general on the World Wide Web and asked her i f she offered one 2 one mentoring, lucky for me she said YES and we met yesterday for a fab 90 minute session.  

I emailed Vicki Knights a bunch of images for her to critique and to look at my camera settings and see how they could be improved them to get the look I so desire.  We met, had a nice cuppa and chatted about where I am with my photography, shared passions for Photographers from the US that we follow, our kids, a brief history as how i got to where I am. 

It was great to meet someone who 3 years or so ago was where i am, self taught and at the beginning of building a business in Photography. It made me realise what more I needed to learn and which direction to head in. 

I am giving myself until the New Year to perfect my new found skills, new ways of editing to cut down on  the work load and achieve the look I am after.  I am excited :) 

Thanks Vicki - Our session was just what I needed to show me the way forward !
Thanks also to my family for supporting me on my journey - it will be worth it, I do worry that my girls lasting image of me is attached to my Mac!