A Generation GAP !

I have never really felt old ….until today! Had a lovely sibling group in the studio. Mum choose a black

Love a bit of B & W

 Most of my lovely clients choose colour images from me,  But i just love a bit of Black & White.  Timeless

Autumn lifestyle Shoots – beautiful backlit images!

The weather is really proving to be a perfect backdrop for my Lifestyle photo shoots.  I have recently been to my local

The Studio -What to wear Part 4

 The Black Background – Low Key  Low key looks great in Black & White also! Simple rules for Low key

What to wear Part 3 – The Studio/Hi Key

Hi Key Photography – The bright white Background! MAIN RULE – Firstly unless you want all your

What to wear Part Two

This is part Two of my ‘What to wear section’ – as this is the MOST asked question There are some