Dodging the rain clouds ~Family photographer Hampton Court & Teddington

I met this lovely lady about 5 years ago at our local running club. I hadn’t met her hubby or 2 beautiful girls before and I was so pleased that they certainly LOVED the camera and made the shoot so easy for me. The only issue was the impending black clouds but I think you will agree you wouldn’t know from theses gorgeous colourful pics.   I always direct clients to my “what to wear” info on my website and to my Pinterest board for ideas and what bests works.  I always think if you are going to take the time and effort to book a family photographer and invest in some beautiful memories you may as well pay attention to what you are all wearing.

This family looked effortlessly smart yet casual and most of all comfortable. They wore colours that complimented them and each other rather than being to matchy matchy.   This shoot took place in a lovely park in Surrey at 10 am on a Saturday and lasted about 1.5 hours. The girls were treated to a yummy hot chocolate after as a treat for being such great models!   The family had this to say after viewing their online gallery …… Thanks so much, these are fantastic ~  You certainly put the girls at ease very quickly, which have really helped with the photos!

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