What to wear

One question I always get asked by my clients as a Family photographer , is “what should we wear to our photo shoot?


  • Well the answer is whatever captures the real you! Saying that, there are a few useful rules to follow…
  • Solid colors tend to work best~ we want to concentrate on you not your clothes. Highly patterned clothes can distract from you.
  • You don’t need to wear identical clothing unless that is the look you really want. No one dresses that way normally!
  • Make sure you’re dressed in the same “season”
  • Wear textures and layers! The easiest way to have several looks from your shoot is to add and remove items.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! scarves, necklaces, earrings, hats – Maybe something you really love to wear !
  • Try to avoid: thin stripes especially on men’s shirts – it can look kind of weird on a photograph especially in the studio.
  • When in doubt choose Denim ~ a timeless classic!
  • So this is really just a guideline on what to wear. Above all wear clothes that you feel comfortable in,  you look good in, clothes that make you feel fab and confident .  If you have unsure call, email me, send a photo of what you want to wear, or just bring along a bunch of stuff for us to go through before your shoot and I can help you pick something out. I have had had some clients turn up with a suitcase !


This “style inspiration” board gives you an idea ~ But also check out my  “What to wear” board on Pinterest for more ideas from other fabulous people .

I put together this “style inspiration” board to give you a rough idea of what I’m talking about.  Hope you find it helpful when picking clothing for your photo session. 🙂

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